Velehk Sain Treasure *spoliers*

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User Info: robrules

5 years ago#1
I summoned Velehk Sain in the Midden using the 4 rings on the hand and he gave me his map, but I can't find out where its supposed to be pointing. Did anybody find his treasure?

User Info: dante4ever

5 years ago#2
would also like to know *bump*
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User Info: 203177

5 years ago#3
*bump* For great justice! I WANT that PIRATE BOOTY!

User Info: slyj5

5 years ago#4
go down to the river in between the town and the magic school go left down the river bank until you see a statue on a little island on the right go towards it at the bottom of the hill and the treasure will appear in the same style that velehk appeared.

User Info: MysteriousLance

5 years ago#5

Here is the map for iit
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  3. Velehk Sain Treasure *spoliers*

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