Ebony Mine Location?

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User Info: marious

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know the location of an Ebony mine? I've found mines for just about all other mine-able ores except for ebony, and I'd really like to find it.

Mines are the map symbols with a pickaxe and hammer, and contain several ore nodes, normally giving between 20 and 50 ores.

User Info: Crasui

5 years ago#2
East side of the map by a large camp of orcs. They get all pissy about letting you in, but you can just walk right in. Or get a dragon to nomnom their faces off. Either way, plenty of ebony in that place.
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User Info: CommonJoe

5 years ago#3
Theres also some on the Throat of the World.
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User Info: marious

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the tip, but "east" is a very broad area. Can anyone elaborate, like "east of such-and-such, about 200 feet"?

User Info: paradoxworld

5 years ago#5
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User Info: marious

5 years ago#6
paradoxworld posted...

Thank you very much for that. I guess it's kinda lucky I have a quick travel point not too far from there.

User Info: Nova8808

5 years ago#7
At the very top of the throat of the world mountain there are 2 ebony mines and 2 malachite mines. Along with an enchanted pickaxe that increases smithing. It's pretty hard to get up there tho but fun standing at the top of the skyrim world :P

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