Wretched Abyss (SPOILERS)

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User Info: DreamwaIker

5 years ago#1
Okay, so I was doing side-quests and exploring the world and all of a sudden I find myself in this enormous cave with these giant glowing jellyfish mushroom things everywhere, and then I use this bizarre device and find an Elder Scroll in my Elder Scrolls game. I save and read it, and it disappears, so I load. Anyway, I go back to some random northeastern isle where I got the transcribe the lexicon quest from some otherworldly traveler named Septimus, and as I'm leaving THERE'S A WRETCHED VOID TALKING TO ME!!!! o_o My innocent days of wandering Skyrim are over. I must decide whether to serve this void or defy it. Which do I choose??

Okay, less fanatically, I guess I'd like to know if choosing yes/no to serving the void will have any impact on the remaining stuff in that questline or the game. Try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, as I've been avoiding the main storyline and only got to the point where I visited High Hrothgar so far (by the way, I mountain climbed to the top since that wind was blocking my path and I wanted to see if I could... indeed I did get to the top, but the leader guy is programmed not to be there yet, apparently. Got that free pickaxe and stuff at the top though).

So anyway, I have 2 questions:
(1) Should I choose to be the Wretched Void's servant, to defy him, or does it 100% not matter at all?
(2) Is reading the Elder Scroll bad? Don't spoil me here, but I'm basically wondering if reading it is bad because it disappears when I do that. I figure it's probably beyond my finite understanding, and that's why Septimus needed the lexicon instead of just the scroll, but that's just my guess.

Help is appreciated. Question 2 is no rush because I can easily stash it away in my home, but Question 1 is more urgent since I'm paused there right now.

User Info: viperesque

5 years ago#2
I can't definitively answer either of your questions, but I can tell you that siding with Hermaeus Mora gets you probably the single best item in the game (if you've played Oblivion, you know what it is), and has not had any consequences for me yet (I've finished the main quest). I don't know whether you still get it if you say no, but I would assume you do, as there's no way they would withhold something that kick-ass from you.
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User Info: DreamwaIker

5 years ago#3
I did play Oblivion (the vanilla one anyway), but I'm quite forgetful.

Anyway, thanks. I'll agree to be its servant. I assume the name you mentioned is the name of the entity talking to me via the abyss here.

User Info: kornskater

5 years ago#4
i would really like to know the effects of this decision as well (as im currently deciding the same question) if i say yes, the abyss vanishes (You cant defy me forever) and if i say no it tells me to come back when the box is open. (how long do i wait for it to open?) curious..

User Info: henri83

5 years ago#5
Hello i chose no and waited pretty long still something would happen but nothing did so i just killed the septimus and the abyss vanished and i could leave ;)
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