Skyrim armor set -Daedric, Dragonplate, Dragonscale, Ebony, Glass, Orcish

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User Info: febegmx

5 years ago#1
Here to share some pictures of armor set on my character.

So which looks the best?


Daedric, Dragonplate set (Front View)

Daedric, Dragonplate set (Back View)


Dragonplate, Dragonscale with Jagged Crown (Front View)


Dragonplate, Dragonscale set (Front View)

Dragonplate, Dragonscale set (Back View)

Glass, Orcish set (Front View)

Glass, Orcish set (Back View)
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User Info: LargoDraven

5 years ago#2
Definitely Daedric, though Dragonplate is starting to grow on me.
Say what you want about the graphics, but you gotta admit the armor designs look at least cooler than in Oblivion =D
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User Info: MaridStormbreak

5 years ago#3
lrn2screenshot., for the love of god.
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User Info: Vorgier

5 years ago#4
Did you really take pictures with a camera...?
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User Info: MudShadow

5 years ago#5
This is what happens when console gamers get a hold of cheap digital cameras, damnit!

User Info: LotionExplosion

5 years ago#6
I prefer a mix.

Thief hood
Dark Brotherhood gloves/boots
Dragonscale armor

Out of your options, the guy on the right in the first pic looks coolest. Daedric, I imagine.
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User Info: Upman80

5 years ago#7 took a camera picture of a computer screen? Tell me you did not do that.

User Info: WimpyWeaksauce

5 years ago#8
TC, did you seriously take a picture of your computer monitor? With your phone?

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User Info: steker16

5 years ago#9
lmao, this is amazing. console player's first PC game detected

User Info: Leftyhand

5 years ago#10
This is the first time I'm seeing most of these armor sets. The Daedric one made my jaw drop to the floor. So sweet.
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