Keyboard controls setup

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User Info: xjajax

6 years ago#1

Tried a friend's copy of the game yesterday and had to stop immediately after the beginning since... Controls are awful.

Does anyone have a nice setup for keyboard configuration? I just can't bear playing the game with the default ones, not even close.

User Info: Cricket 2

Cricket 2
6 years ago#2
Some of the hotkeys are hardbound, so rebinding the keys might not work based on which ones you want to rebind.

User Info: rigice

6 years ago#3
Hello to you too,

Have you tried going to options/controls and re-configured them for yourself?
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User Info: lad_cali

6 years ago#4
i don't know why default controls are awful to you though. It pretty much like standard for every fps game, wasd to move, e to action, space to jump, shift to walk/run. And if you don't like the default control, you can always set up the control to the way you like.
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  3. Keyboard controls setup

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