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User Info: DestroyTheHuman

6 years ago#1
I just got Skyrim today.

The game runs fine and runs at medium. I meet the required specs for the game, and have checked my Direct X, Updated my videocard drivers, and checked the audio settings were correct (44.1 and 16bit).

When I get to the intro I create my character and during the execution scene as the woman gives her speech she stops speaking. All the characters sit there and the game can not progress.

Restarting the game doesnt seem to help. Has anyone else had this/know of any fixes?
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User Info: DestroyTheHuman

6 years ago#2
My Pokeradar Shiny Chaining Tutorial:

User Info: DestroyTheHuman

6 years ago#3
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User Info: electroflame

6 years ago#4
System Specs?
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User Info: Basil_Evenstar

6 years ago#5
Reinstall it.

User Info: Hikusaak

6 years ago#6
Sounds like the script's broken. Normally I'd blame a mod conflict but, you know, there are no mods.
It's possible the .esm has been damaged in some way, which will need a reinstall.
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User Info: madman23

6 years ago#7

Bummer! Hope you get it working

User Info: iamrob7

6 years ago#8

I heard about a problem like this when it first came out, but that has been patched since I believe, which was supposed to fix it.

User Info: t3hNub

6 years ago#9
I had messed with some of the config and .ini files to tweak some settings and ended up kneeling at the chopping block while the executioner just sort of stared at me and what's-his-face walked perpetually into a haystack. Then the dragon shows up but instead of landing and getting on with the scene he just sort of chilled out doing loop de loops and flying around the town for lulz. It was actually kind of funny, except for the whole uncertainty about whether the game is borked or not factor.

I ended up deleting the modified .ini and config files, then had STEAM re-validate my install and download the now missing default files. Problem solved, and I've since gone back in and re-made the changes I wanted with no issues whatsoever.
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User Info: Icewitch

6 years ago#10
Did you mess with the ini? Its possible you broke something in the process. Verify game cache
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