Trouble equipping same spell in both hands?

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  3. Trouble equipping same spell in both hands?

User Info: Rizzice1

5 years ago#1
So I have the destruction double casting perk, and want to equip a spell in the same hand, but it simply will not let me. No matter what it does it always leaves whatever is in the right hand the same spell, and only assigns the spell I choose to the left hand...

I have tried e, left click and right clicking on a skill, as well as both mouse buttons when I'm in the menu, but it still only equips the left hand. My right hand seems to have ice bolt stuck in it :\

User Info: quicksilver117

5 years ago#2
Open up my Magic menu. Left click and then right click it.

Another way:
Favorite the item, open up favorite menu via Q, assign hotkey 1-9.
Press the hotkey twice to dual spells.
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User Info: roadster213

5 years ago#3

The only workaround to it is to favorite a weapon then open up the favorites list and press E twice on the weapon then E twice on whatever you want to dual cast. Hopefully its fixed in the next patch.

User Info: aibohphobia

5 years ago#4
i think theres a mod or patch to fix this by razor

User Info: danielager

5 years ago#5
Guys I had to put up with this glitch for too long, nearly put my fist through my keyboard multiple times.


Buy a cheap 1 handed weapon and when you wish to re-equip spells in whichever order you like, equip the wep in each hand (un-equip it before doing the other hand) and it will make you unarmed, then you can assign spells however you want... couldn't find any other option to make myself unarmed, if there is another option it would be even easier.. I'm using an Iron Sword :)

Good luck!

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  3. Trouble equipping same spell in both hands?

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