question about disenchanting

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User Info: OldSkoola001

5 years ago#1
you have to disenchant something to learn how to put that enchant on somehting else right? so is it safe to disenchant everything? because once you do you'll be able to put that enchant on anything u want right?

for example i have boots that boost how much i can carry. if i disenchant them i'll be able to put that enchant on other things right? i don't want to mistakenly ruin my boots and not be able to get that enchant back.

User Info: fcrick

5 years ago#2
Yes - you never fail to disenchant or anything like that, and it won't let you disenchant something if you already know the enchantment.

Note that the enchantment on the item you have may be far more powerful than one you'll be capable of at your current skill level. If you're quite high level, but your enchanting is low, you should consider holding on to the item until either you find another with the same enchant, or your enchanting is much higher.

User Info: Asia_Skyly

5 years ago#3
In theory yes. In practice no. The enchantment you place on items depends on your level and or perks. That means you could perhaps enchant another pair of boots with the same enchantment, but because you are not as skilled, the enchantment on the boots you made could be of lower quality (capacity).
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User Info: myztikrice

5 years ago#4
it will be much less than the percentage on the actual boots until your enchanting is 100 and has 5/5 of the first perk
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User Info: Bethrezen7

5 years ago#5
Yes and no. Yes, you can put that enchant on as many other boots as you want. But if you don't have a filled grand soul gem and high enchanting skill, it won't be as strong as the enchant on the boots you have now.

For example, you disenchant a ring with 15% magic resist. Now you enchant another ring with it using a petty soul gem and low skill, it'll be 1% magic resist on the new ring.

User Info: Coconutcow

5 years ago#6
If you don’t mind the item being destroyed, then yes it is safe. Disenchanting the item destroys it outright but you can apply the enchantment to other items afterwards provided you have a soul gem.

However, if your enchanting isn’t high enough or your gem doesn’t have a big enough soul, the enchantment you make may very well be weaker than the one on the item you destroyed.

User Info: JeffLam

5 years ago#7
When you disenchant something, you learn that enchantment. (If you already know the enchantment, it won't let you disenchant that item.) You can then stick it on something - different items accept different enchantments.

The quality/magnitude of that enchantment depends on the item quality, the soulgem quality, and your Enchanting skill. So it's entirely possible to disenchant a helmet that gives +25%, and only be able to put +13% on another helmet.

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