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Change Npc apperance?

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User Info: Snowstream

5 years ago#1
Using (~) is there a way to edit an NPC's appearance? I want to change the face and hair of a certain follower?
Can i do that? I know i can change mine by "showracemenu" in the console, but is there a way to change an NPC's?
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User Info: spacemonkey_n34

5 years ago#2
Curious about this as well. About time Mrs Black Briar had herself a facelift. An Orc, perhaps?

User Info: spacemonkey_n34

5 years ago#3

Can't be done?

User Info: Hikusaak

5 years ago#4
Not without the CS, no.
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User Info: spacemonkey_n34

5 years ago#5
Ach, that's mildly disappointing, since all you need is basically right there. Oh well...

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