Collect Bounty From Skald quest bug

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User Info: chimpe2121

6 years ago#1
After being told of a bounty from the innkeeper in Dawnstar, I went and viciously slaughtered my target and went straight to Skald to collect my bounty. I got my measly amount of coins but then I realised that I still have the 'Collect bounty from Skald'. I thought "Maybe it's stuck, I'll give it a little nudge.". So I went and asked the innkeeper for more work, he gave me a different bounty, I killed the target and went to Skald for payment.

Now I have 2 'Collect bounty from Skald" in my journal. I can't select either of them

Anyone else have this problem?
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User Info: Asia_Skyly

6 years ago#2
Same bug here.
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User Info: atomic_sound

6 years ago#3
Same here.
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User Info: Jules Rules

Jules Rules
6 years ago#4
Yep, same here.
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User Info: CylonRaider01

6 years ago#5

this game has tons of broken quest.I dont get it why it got released if it has soo much bugs in it?It is a good game but bugs tears it appart rly.Any1 knows the command for this mission to get complete?

User Info: H4zt3

6 years ago#6
In console enter the following commands.

CompleteAllObjectives BQ03
SetStage BQ03 200

(BQ03 Is the quest "ID" as found by "SQT" command)

*Also, this quest is completed and reward collected after commands above entered, known bug is that the quest remains displayed.
Many have this issue, but at least it's completed.

User Info: MomentDEFINED

6 years ago#7
Getting this same bug, really annoys me in my quest log.

In addition though, I noticed that the words were grayed out, and not in the usual vibrant white when you go to turn in a quest. I'll definitely be paying attention the next time I have that come up.

Is there any chance that inputting the console command to complete the quest could negatively affect the game? I'm assuming something like this will be patched out soon enough. Honestly only maybe the 2nd or 3rd bug I've found in the game so far, and certainly not game-breaking.
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  3. Collect Bounty From Skald quest bug

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