Increasing Running Speed?

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User Info: Zaraf

5 years ago#1
Any way to increase running speed?
StarCraft 2 (US): Zaraf #527

User Info: Dante200X

5 years ago#2
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User Info: downgrade

5 years ago#3

User Info: Skandrae

5 years ago#4
Yeah, you can use the console.
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User Info: jsmith0730

5 years ago#5
You can through the console.

player.modav speedmult ##

Then make sure to save.

User Info: WhiteHawk1532

5 years ago#6
player.setav speedmult #

the default is 100. So 200 would be double your speed. You may need to sprint or sneak/unsneak for it to take effect.

User Info: Coltonh65

5 years ago#7
You can do it via console.

player.setav speedmult ###

It's in percent. So 150% = 1.5x faster.

Edit: Holy crap I'm a slow typer D:
no legit way besides
sprinting on a horse
sprinting as a werewolf

User Info: calzibit

5 years ago#9
Steed Stone will reduce the penalty for heavy armor if that's what you're using. But if you already use light armor or robes then no. No (in game) way to increase the base speed though, to my knowledge.

User Info: Zaraf

5 years ago#10
Thanks, I tried these console commands out and they worked. I ended up trying the "modav" version, and now I can't seem to reduce the speed. Setting "player.modav speedmulti 100" doesn't reset the speed back to normal. In fact, no value seems to work. Anyone know how to reset things too?
StarCraft 2 (US): Zaraf #527
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