Do monsters respawn?

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User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#1
Like in dungeons if I go back way later? or like Deer, Bears, and Giants? If not that is really quite dumb I hate games that have a set game exact I thought this was to bring a real game play? I heard somewhere like they don't come back only dragons
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User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#2
I just hope this isn't like the fallout ones where you can go back to a place later to still find the body :(
Battlefield For Life, favorite series since I first started
PSN: The_Koolaid_Man-

User Info: jedinat

5 years ago#3
Not as such I think... but areas become "repopulated." Like another group might move in to a fortress you wiped out. I think.

User Info: involution

5 years ago#4
It takes a few days, not sure how many -- possibly this varies by specific dungeon. Bodies stay a while, then at some point you go back to a dungeon to find things entirely respawned (including chests and objects). In the wild monsters are random anyway (dragons included -- not sure about story-line dragons though).

User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#5
Okay thank you that is what I love most about some rpgs (dragon age is GREAT but that one part makes me nuts that nothing respawns) and I looked it up on google and saw a topic on another site that said only dragons respawn thought he was wrong; thank you so much! you just encouraged me to buy. I honestly wasn't going to buy because normally game where things don't respawn get boring really fast
Battlefield For Life, favorite series since I first started
PSN: The_Koolaid_Man-

User Info: Virus100

5 years ago#6
I don't the start of the game i killed a few wolves and when I went was like a week or so...the bodies were still there.

User Info: lazy_titan

5 years ago#7
so dungeons repopulate again? are you sure? Only reason i question it is i went through some pass right at start of the game then at a much later date i went through and it was empty. Also why does it say cleared on the map after you beat it if it pops back up?

I mean i really hope it does re-populates but from my experience it doesn't.
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User Info: quicksilver117

5 years ago#8
Dungeons do repopulate again but I see no point in going back after reaping the end rewards of the dungeons. I rather run around on roads and have random encounters.

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