What is the easiest way to respec?

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User Info: Iron_Moses

5 years ago#1
Ive hear you can use the console to respec, how do I do that?

User Info: Moonse

5 years ago#2
For perks, find the ID of the perk you want to undo, one way to do this is in game, type in console "help perkname 0" without quotes and replace perkname with the name of the perk you wish to remove. A list of IDs should appear, scroll through them with page up and page down until you find one with "PERK" next to it.

Then type "player.removeperk ID" replace ID with the perk's ID you just found. Now you wont get a perk point back from doing this so you will have to find the ID of the perk you want by doing the "help perkname 0" again, then typing "player.addperk ID".

To alter your health/magicka/stamina, type "player.modav health/magicka/stamina #" only choose one of the attributes at a time and replace # with the value you wish to change it to.

It's quite easy, wont take you very long once you get the gist of it. Hope this helps.

User Info: thedawgXD

5 years ago#3
Here's a few useful commands for doing respecs. You can certainly monkey around quite a bit more (changing your maximum carry weight, for example, or the cooldown on your dragon shouts), but I've only mentioned the one's you'd use if you just wanted to do a respec without outright cheating.

1. Changing perks

Enter the following commands:

player.addperk <id>
player.removeperk <id>

Replace "<id>" with the stuff in this list:


Removing a perk using "player.removeperk" will not refund you the perk points you spent, so you have to manually add it in with "player.addperk". Make sure you add perks in the correct order.

2. Changing level

player.setlevel x

3. Other stuff

player.setav <skill> <amount> - Sets skill directly to <amount>. Example: [player.setav marksman 50] sets your archery to 50.

player.setav <attribute> <amount> - Changes health, stamina and magicka.

For more console commands.

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User Info: Iron_Moses

5 years ago#4

User Info: DeathDealerKS

5 years ago#5
Is this considered cheating in terms of the achievements?
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User Info: The_tall_midget

5 years ago#6
I use :


It's so easy to use a complete moron could figure it out. Which means very few people in reality.

I hope the creator somehow also add bat files for the trees.
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