The Black Star or Azura's Star?

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User Info: Dude_bag

6 years ago#1
So which is more beneficial? I know that Black Star can store human souls and Azura's star can only store white souls but what is the difference between black souls and white souls?

User Info: Enclave

6 years ago#2
Black souls are always grand souls. That's not the case with white souls.
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User Info: Twinrova225

6 years ago#3
Black souls are for humans. The white star cannot hold human souls.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

6 years ago#4
Black star is the best but with the white one, you get a pretty powerful follower if you so choose.
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User Info: blowseph

6 years ago#5
Black one can only hold human souls, which are always grand sized. The other star can hold any soul, and if it's empty and you don't have any empty soul gems and kill something with a lower than grand soul, it will go into the star.

So, the black star will ALWAYS have a grand soul in it. With the other it's possible that it will be smaller.

I got the black star, and keep a bunch of lower level soul gems in my inventory for smaller souls to go into so they aren't wasted.

User Info: dalfinrules1029

6 years ago#6
I believe that black souls are always grand, so they give more charge to the star. Azura's can fill everything but human souls, and i don't think any soul gives as much of a charge as the black souls.

I went with the black star, but getting it was a pain in the ass being a stealthy archer/dagger character. Although i think both of them require you to cleanse the star the same way.

User Info: Dude_bag

6 years ago#7
Ok so if I use azura's star what creature would yeild a grand soul?

User Info: Helixis

6 years ago#8
Can black soul gems still hold non numan souls, like they could in Oblivion?

User Info: igor140

6 years ago#9

it's evidently not supposed to, but it absolutely does.

it is still the better choice because it CAN absorb human souls, you just have to make sure that the first thing you absorb once it's empty is a human soul. but you don't even have this option with the regular star.
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User Info: Mephisto852

6 years ago#10
Black star does not just fill human souls. I think it's bugged and sometimes absorbs souls of other things as well (I've had it state "filled with petty soul" many times).

Or does charging a weapon with it leave a "remainder" of the unused soul inside it? I don't think so though.
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