guide to making any NPC your companion/follower

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  3. guide to making any NPC your companion/follower

User Info: FiveFries

5 years ago#1
Credit goes to StormSinger over at Che

Try this. Bring up the console, click on the NPC in question and use these commands:

player.setrelationshiprank player 4
setrelationshiprank player 4
addfac 5c84d 1

Talk to them afterwards and look for the "follow me" dialog option.

Depending on who you highjack, you may have to set their aggression and confidence up a couple of notches so that they don't run and hide every time a fight breaks out. Hroki squealed like a little girl at the first sign of a spider until I gave her a pep talk... now she's a natural born-again killer.

setav confidence <1-4>
setav aggression <1-3>

User Info: nobattle

5 years ago#2
can you make an enemy be your companion? Perhaps, a dragon? I'm just asking if its theoretically possible.
"There is no such thing as absolute freedom because, in truth, we are still prisoners of society"

User Info: effeffjay

5 years ago#3
This doesn't work with everyone, fair warning

lumlumlummm posted...
The fellatio in this topic is overwhelming

User Info: CultCryptik

5 years ago#4
good topic, thanks TC

User Info: Issa_5

5 years ago#5
Thanks for this. Can they carry your stuff, and can you make them any good at fighting?
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  3. guide to making any NPC your companion/follower

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