Melee battlemage - Health/Magicka/Stamina ratio?

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  3. Melee battlemage - Health/Magicka/Stamina ratio?

User Info: AgentNoun

6 years ago#1
Making a heavy armor, dual-wielding, Conjuration/Illusion battlemage. Knowing that it's going to be a while before I'll be good enough at Enchanting to make good magicka regen/spell cost reduction heavy armor, how much should I put into magicka? How about stamina?
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User Info: MrXGamer

6 years ago#2
I'm doing something similar, Battlemage (one handed) with focus on Conjuration/Destruction.

For level 50 goal, I will have 400 Health, 250 Magicka and 150 Stamina.

Then from level 50 to 80, I'll be going 500 Health, 400 Magicka and 200 Stamina.

I'm doing this build for future proof in case if they ever nerf enchantments, I'll be needing that extra health and magicka. Right now, I don't with my crazy armor rating and other enchantments. I'm not into power attacks and don't need extra inventory weight (use my house often to drop items), therefore I'm keeping the stamina low.
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User Info: Fenriradramelk

6 years ago#3
My current character is a battlemage style build, destruction/1hand, heavy armor are the main focuses - got smithing to 100 so the armor & weapon are worth using, working here and there on enchanting but it's not quite maxed yet.

Breton race (for the resistance)
lvl 39...
HP is at like 260
Magicka is at 250
Stamina is just 170

HP isn't really an issue against stuff right now, except for elder dragons (which can breath -> chomp-death me if I don't heal), equivalent-level mages, and sometimes equivalent-level bandits/draugrs with 2H weapons.
Current plan is to get it to around 350 or 400 (lvl 48-53)

Magicka isn't a problem if I'm just casting destruction spells (it's enchanted down to next to nothing, but not free, can still spam most stuff a ton). If I'm having to heal or use stuff other than destruction, the magicka goes down quick.
It'd be nice to get it high enough to use all the master spells without needing to swap around enchants, but it's not realistic. Probably get it to 300 or 350 (after the HP, 58-63)

Stamina I'll probably just get to 200 and leave it, cuz the heavy armor really really drains stamina, and half the 300 default carry capacity gets used up by daedric armor & weapons (and other stuff I'm carrying or is otherwise stuck in my inventory from bugs).
That's just 3 more levels of stamina, so 61-66 is the 'finish level'.

And yeah, 61-66 is pretty easy to get for a battle mage.
Even at 39, my only skill maxed at 100 is smithing, destruction is almost 70, 1hand is just over 60, heavy armor is around 65, everything else is at or under 50 (with quite a few skills I haven't even touched, like pickpocketing, 2H, a couple others). There's quite a few levels yet to pull out of the ones I'm actively focusing on.
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  3. Melee battlemage - Health/Magicka/Stamina ratio?

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