Which city has the "best" house

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User Info: Theshamen

5 years ago#1
In terms of utility and ease of access
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

5 years ago#2
whiterun is the quickest one to get to other than that no clue its my only house .. sorry..
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User Info: ry_mann

5 years ago#3
Several of my friends say Winterhold, I haven't gotten any others besides Whiterun. I plan on getting all the Thane quests done tomorrow, but knowing me, I'll get distracted.
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User Info: WyrdWeazel

5 years ago#4
The Solitude house is nice and big, but it just doesn't feel very efficient or useful.

I usually just cram everything I don't want to carry into the few containers in the Whiterun house for convenience.
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User Info: schesak

5 years ago#5
I prefer the Whiterun house because it is a nice central location to the whole of Skyrim, has smithing and smelting facilities right next door, has archery ammo store across the street, and has alchemy and enchanting ( with the mod that adds an enchanting table to it) in the home. Also very quick access to stores for selling of any type of goods within very short running distance.

It may be the least fancy of the houses, but it's the only one that has all of the above going for it.

User Info: synthetiksin

5 years ago#6
Whiterun is the best for ease of access. The town waypoint is about 3 or so metres away from the front door. Enough storage for everything.

Personally I like the solitude house the most. It has enough room for spawning extra stuff.

User Info: Soeroah

5 years ago#7

That shows a comparison of the houses. I assume it's accurate. If it is, Windhelm seems to have the most containers. I don't know about the aesthetics, though.
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User Info: gamrls57

5 years ago#8
So far I have acquired 2 houses: the one in Whiterun and the one in Markarth. Markarth is 8,000 gold and is really spacious and nice once decorated. If you like lots of books, it has a library with 4 book shelves.

User Info: aergorn

5 years ago#9

I prefer Proudspire Manor in Solitude now I've modded it a bit. Fast travel to Blue Palace, quick sprint and you're at the back door.

For such a large house, it doesn't have a lot of weapon racks or enough bookcases.

I've knocked some walls out in the basement and added a complete smithy down there, even Ysolda goes down and uses everything. I've added some display cases too for jewels, rings, masks etc, I did add a nice table too with all the bits on but Ysolda can't work out her way around to the Arcane table so she walks over the top and knocks it all off. Skank.

I still have a soft spot for the house in Riften though, even though I've got a serious butchdyke haunting the place. Sitting on the verandah, shooting fish.

User Info: 1337_FF_GoD

5 years ago#10
Great, Great House
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