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User Info: Joninkinma

6 years ago#1
is there a way to add this to an .ini?

if I use this in console and change the timescale to say, 8 and then save, will the change be permanent for that save or will I have to use it everytime i load the file?
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User Info: Switch2Nine6

6 years ago#2
I wouldn't do this, bugs the hell out of MANY quests/other things in Skyrim I am told.

User Info: Bankgobbo

6 years ago#3
I think you need to set it each time you load a file.

Don't play around with timescale though. It bugs your save to hell eventually, and the bugs get more pronounced and gamebreaking as the game goes on. They won't be obvious at first. If you've been doing this for a while on your save, you've more than broken it.

User Info: Marz

6 years ago#4
that sucks.. i've wanted to set the time to real time for awhile. i find time goes way too fast in these games. if it's night and i want day, then i'll sleep till then. but i hate when it's the day and it's good to go out wandering, then it's night in no time flat. or you get to a town and it's 5pm and you have to rush to hit up all the stores before they close.

User Info: jsmith0730

6 years ago#5
I keep mine set to 12 and never had to reenter it. o_O

I set it when I start a new game, but other than that I've never noticed it revert to the default timescale when loading a game.

User Info: Amourek

6 years ago#6
I set mine to real-time and I've been playing it for several days without issue. Set it once in the console and that's it, you don't have to mess around with the .ini file.

User Info: kwong0028

6 years ago#7
Does timescale affect potion duration?

I'm trying to enchant some items, but it's impossible to do that and name my item before my Fortify Enchanting Potion runs out...

User Info: ELDuran

6 years ago#8
Switch2Nine6 posted...
I wouldn't do this, bugs the hell out of MANY quests/other things in Skyrim I am told.

Are you sure on this. Mine has been set to 12(5 real time minutes = 1 gametime hour)

I haven't ran across any glitches or bugs. Well except for the one the last patch gave me with the Dragons flying backwards and unkillable. Which is why I'm waiting patiently for the new patch to fix this and start playing again.
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User Info: Frith

6 years ago#9
I'm 60 hours in with timescale set to 1, no issues so far.
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