Morokei Channel? what is it?

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  3. Morokei Channel? what is it?

User Info: BigRobb2389

5 years ago#1

what is this? Is it just something that pc users get from using the console? Im guessing maybe its a spell that the Dragon Priest Morokei uses that isn't available to player characters in the game itself?

User Info: HeWhoYerfs

5 years ago#2
I'm not terribly familiar with the magic options, but that does strike me as an enemy spell, judging by the tooltip/description thing. Spells you're actually supposed to get generally have a more.. conversational description, I guess?
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User Info: ljgf

5 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure that's the spell that's used by the mages imprisoning Morokei in Labyrinthian. Players aren't supposed to be able to use it.
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User Info: BigRobb2389

5 years ago#4
Ahhh that would make sense ligf. good call.

Another one that was there was "Meridia's Light", which i think is enchanted on the Dawnbreaker.

User Info: pies12

5 years ago#5
From the animation it looked more like a beam than the explosion from dawnbreaker.
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  3. Morokei Channel? what is it?

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