Thieves Guild Fishing Jobs (Possible Spoilers)

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User Info: BigKG

5 years ago#1
Anyone encountered a fishing job where the mark's item was 0% to steal?

I just got one. Is there any way of getting that item without killing the mark? (Hence failing the quest).
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User Info: super_burb_zap

5 years ago#2
Pots and Equipment, as well as perks.
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User Info: BigKG

5 years ago#3
I had +80% to pickpocket with pots/equipment, as well as around 70% pickpocketing skill. (No perks).
Core i7 950, GTX 460 1 Gb SLI
Gamertag: Gryll ---------------PSN: Kev_G79

User Info: SabreNation81

5 years ago#4
I ran into that too. Had to steal a ring from Mjoll. No matter what I did my chances of success were 0%. I tried pots, I put on some +Pickpocket gear, nothing worked. Even when she was asleep it was still 0%.

I eventually just went back and cancelled the mission to get a different one. You don't lose anything for cancelling the mission. You just get a minor verbal scolding and then you can start a new one immediately after.
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User Info: Ca55per

5 years ago#5
What is the item? All kitted up, I had a 14% chance to pickpocket a gold diamond necklace, once.

Also, if you have sneak/pickpocket gear and pickpocket potions, what are the stats on your gear/potions.

Also, you are sure that you are not visible to the mark? If you are hidden, I believe you get a bonus.

If you really can't figure a way around it, you can always ask your Delvin to cancel the quest for you... and just take another one.

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User Info: alpha5omega7

5 years ago#6
i think its a glitch. i have 68 pickpocket and was trying to place a daedric arrow into one of the thief archers pocket. glass and ebony arrows both have 90% chance but for some reason daedric and falmor has 0. i have cheated my way with all the perks and still the same. so i went ahead and place the daedric with 0% and success... didn't get caught at all.

User Info: tortugapir8

5 years ago#7
Actually I think it's because they have the item equipped and if you lack the top level Pickpocket perk (Perfect Touch) it's not possible in the normal way.

However I did find a loophole! If you Unrelenting Force shout them to knock them down you'll be able to quickly pickpocket it before they stand up. Pretty funny!
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