Waking up Pelagius

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User Info: Lowe911

5 years ago#1
So, how do you wake up Pelagius? I figured out the other two just fine.

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Azardea

5 years ago#2
Use staff on Pelagius, then use staff on the things that appears. Took me a while to figure out >_>
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User Info: TheGreatCheeze

5 years ago#3
Well, I guess I should clarify my original post.

Shoot him, and then the night terrors that pop up. You have to shoot him again to get the next night terror to spawn
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User Info: fuzzball01

5 years ago#4
Wabbajack everything.
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User Info: gmgo

5 years ago#5
Wabbajack everything is right.
But here are the details:
3 trials (don't remember the name of each but)
1 - Summon fight: Forget about the fight and shoot Pelagius on the other side of the arena.
2 - Sleeping Pelagius: Shoot him, and shoot whatever attacker appears so it transform into something harmless. Repeat until complete.
3 - Confidence vs Fear: Shoot confidence to make it bigger and bigger, shoot fear to make it smaller and smaller. Shoot extra attackers.


User Info: chill 02

chill 02
5 years ago#6
Wabbajack ALL the things!

User Info: DarkElven00

5 years ago#7
Wabbajack? More like WabbaJOKE amirite?

User Info: Freedan12

5 years ago#8
DarkElven00 posted...
Wabbajack? More like WabbaJOKE amirite?

Wabbajack can insta pop mobs on Master level. . . . . . . . .
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