Shield bash build

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User Info: tolkiennutt

5 years ago#1

Hey guys I'm thinking about playing warrior 1 handed/sheild bash build 

This is what im thinking:


Nord or Imp



One handed 


Im kinda on fence on armor.  Should I got with Heavy or light?

User Info: Mumblypeg

5 years ago#2
light is cool
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User Info: tolkiennutt

5 years ago#3

I guess better movement would be a plus with Light Armor..   

User Info: Rawe

5 years ago#4
Why resto?
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5 years ago#5
Definitely light. Can still reach the armor cap plus 50% bonus to stamina regeneration when wearing all light armor.

User Info: tolkiennutt

5 years ago#6

I might go for alchemy instead resto..   I was thinking Resto for healing

User Info: Rude_Boy

5 years ago#7
I noticed that heavy shields actually do more damage when bashing, however. I know it's still not huge, but I often finish off weakened enemies or kill very weak ones with just my shield.
I just shoot them in the face repeatedly. If I have a Winchester, and they have a face, I'll win.

User Info: condw93

5 years ago#8
Best Shield Bash strategy ever:

Left Hand: Shield
Right Hand: Healing Spell
Restoration Perk that makes Healing spells recover Stamina
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User Info: MercenaryK

5 years ago#9
condw93 posted...
Best Shield Bash strategy ever:

Left Hand: Shield
Right Hand: Healing Spell
Restoration Perk that makes Healing spells recover Stamina

This. I can't tell how many times restoring my stamina while blocking a death lord, bear, or some other retardedly op enemy while my companion does the dirty work. Also this allows you to spam power attacks much much more often.

It's SO bad ass to perform a Critical Charge from one opponent to the other. Oh yeah, and you're a walking tank. I wouldn't even worry about Light vs Heavy armor, go with whatever you find appealing cosmetically.

Armor will mostly be of a concern IF you don't block an attack, but if you're going with a shield build and using restro, so you have the stamina to block, you shouldn't be taking direct damage.

I've been playing with a build that has had about 50 armor, maybe up to 100 armor now that I've upgraded to a glass helm...I primarily use light boots, gloves, and shield. Otherwise I wear a robe and a hood. Having stupidly low armor makes me highly prone to being one shot while NOT blocking, BUT having a high block, and blocking enchantments, I take next to no damage that way.
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