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User Info: rally9981

5 years ago#1
Hi guys. Im wondering how gender choice make a difference in gameplay in Skyrim, beside graphic change. Does being an attractive girl give my char the advantages of "black widow" perk in FO series, seduce a man and then finish him when he's most vulnerable?

User Info: cpg2

5 years ago#2
There is a permanent active effect that you earn via a quest, Agent of Dibella, that makes melee attacks more effective against the opposite sex. I guess that would give female characters an advantage if most enemy NPCs are male (seems that way but I don't know what the numbers end up being).

That is one of the few cases where gender could maybe make a difference, other than meaningless dialog.

User Info: Featherwind

5 years ago#3
For some reason gender (like race) has surprisingly little impact on the game even though the dialogue can suggest otherwise and I can't immediately remember any quest where gender made a significant difference. At least there are no major gameplay mechanics tied to it.
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User Info: DylanX570

5 years ago#4
There's also a perk in the Barter skill tree that gives you better prices with the opposite sex.

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