found unenchanted mage robes/hoods console codes in creation kit

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  3. found unenchanted mage robes/hoods console codes in creation kit

User Info: hampton2003

5 years ago#1

sry if this is common knowledge, Ive been dying to find a unenchanted mod for mage robes/hoods so i could enchant them to my liking; found nothing. but i was digging through the creation kit to find data regarding novice-master robes and hoods to see if there are unenchanted versions already present and there are. I have no idea how to mod yet, but until an unenchanted mod for these items comes out to be crafted/purchased in game this will be a work around to just add these items into your inventory. I already tested these codes ingame.

here are the console codes for unenchanted versions:


novice: 0010d2b4

apprentice: 0010cee4

adept: 0010cee3






adept: 00010cee6

User Info: darthsmoky

5 years ago#2
continuing on the assumption that this is NOT common knowledge:

you, sir, are a god among men. this is exactly the information i've been looking for to complete my monk character. i love you. yes i'm drunk. but no i'm not kidding.

User Info: hampton2003

5 years ago#3

cheers! ;)

User Info: darthsmoky

5 years ago#4
you too buddy.!

User Info: VividAxis

5 years ago#5

I noticed the word Template in the original code label. From that I found these. They don't have enchantments and can't be enchanted:
0007E646 #Alteration Staff - StaffTemplateAlteration
0007E647 #Conjuration Staff - StaffTemplateConjuration
000BE11F #Destruction Staff - StaffTemplateDestruction
000CC826 #Forsworn Staff - StaffTemplateForsworn - has enchantment
0007A91B #Illusion Staff - StaffTemplateIIllusion
00051B0C #Restoration Staff - StaffTemplateRestoration

This is what I found in the clothing department. They can be enchanted.
0010CEE6 #Adept Hood - TemplateClothesRobesMageAdeptHood
0010CEE3 #Adept Robes - TemplateClothesRobesMageAdept
0010D2B5 #Apprentice Hood - TemplateClothesRobesMageApprenticeHood
0010CEE4 #Apprentice Robes - TemplateClothesRobesMageApprentice
0010D662 #Expert Robes - TemplateClothesRobesMageExpert
0010710B #Hooded Mage Robes - TemplateClothesMageRobesApprenticeHooded
00107109 #Hooded Mage Robes - TemplateClothesMageRobesCommonHooded
0006B46B #Mage Robes - TemplateClothesMageRobesApprentice
0007E010 #Mage Robes - TemplateClothesMageRobesCommon
0010D664 #Master Robes - TemplateClothesRobesMageMaster
0010CEE8 #Novice Hood - TemplateClothesRobesMageNoviceHood
0010CEE5 #Novice Robes - ClothesRobesMageNoviceTemplate
0010D2B4 #Novice Robes - TemplateClothesRobesMageNovice

User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#6
You can get those with console commands afaik, just enter "help robe" and search around.

User Info: SN_Ninja

5 years ago#7
Yeah, I even found an unenchanted mage hood somewhere.

User Info: BigJeffreyLane

5 years ago#8
you could also get mods that let ya craft them unenchanted.

but nice find.

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

5 years ago#9
Mod- Just so we're clear, creating false statistics to give your provocations the air of credibility is really offensive when you're doing it to smear a nation.

User Info: Vinderex

5 years ago#10
I know at least that the Radiant Raiment in Solitude has an unenchanted Expert robe called the College Robes. Just saying. :p
@}~~~~That Crazy Gold Dragon~~~~{@
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