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User Info: rikvanoostende

5 years ago#1
I dreamt up this idea last night; what would you think if in DLC, a ship to Atmora would be waiting in Dawnstar to take us on an epic expedition to Atmora. There we would find a way into Jylkurfyk (the southernmost city of Atmora) as a ruin buried deep in the blueish ice.

Maybe we would find the cause of the sudden climate change in the Merethic Era, and encounter the frozen guardians of the ancient city ruins, maybe with an element of cold survival. Som sort of extended dungeon crawl.

I think most textures could be used from the base game and since Atmora as a whole wouldn't be worth a sequel ever (unlike Elsewyr or Summerset for example) 'cause it's a frozen wasteland, it would be in line with DLC Bethesda released for their other titles.

I'd like to know what you would think of it.
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User Info: Freyon

5 years ago#2
Sounds interesting, if the quests are better this time around and there is phat lewt, I'd dig it.

User Info: Fenriradramelk

5 years ago#3
not a bad idea - only complaint is, if Atmora is to the north, wouldn't that make it just lots and lots of snow? Skyrim has enough snow & tundra as it is, getting another 10+ hours of staring at it would be an eyesore.

Kind of like how Morrowind had plenty of ambiguous mountains & plains, then Bloodmoon & Tribunal changed the scenery quite a bit -- or Oblivion's never-ending forests got some new scenery with Shivering Isles... they have a habit of knowing when they've overkilled one regions climate and release DLC//Expansions to change things up.

Personally though, I'd want to take an expedition to the Akavir homeland (aptly named Akavir, it's eastward of Tamriel). If only because so much of the lore is tied up with them, and about all we know about them (other than they were an inspiration to the Blades) is that they liked using Katana's. Sure sure their lore is described somewhere in a book I'm certain, it'd just make a lot more sense, and mean more than just bland back-story if we got to go there and experience it.
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User Info: Brenz0r

5 years ago#4
Atmora is a frozen wasteland buried in ice and snow.

Think of it as being like the north of Solstheim in Morrowind, except worse.
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User Info: rikvanoostende

5 years ago#5
Brenz0r posted...
Atmora is a frozen wasteland buried in ice and snow.

Think of it as being like the north of Solstheim in Morrowind, except worse.

I know, but I mean you don't spend much time out in the open, more like a gigantic city ruin under the ice. So you would only see the frozen wasteland from the makeshift port you'll arrive at, to the excavation site.
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