Extra monster spawns mods

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User Info: electricheadM

5 years ago#1
Anyone know of a good mod that just spawns lots of extra monsters/falmer/bandits/etc? I have PISE installed but so far it doesn't seem to be working, or if it is then it's not doing very much. Perhaps I have the load order wrong, should that one be high up the chain?

I have WARZONES installed, which is a fantastic mod. I would love to have that amount of creatures running around in dungeons as well.

Also, does anyone know of a mod that stops spawning regular dragons and only spawns blood, frost, ancient, etc dragons?
Semper Fidelis

User Info: ghostofzabis

5 years ago#2
Monster mod more spawns

ASIS - it's a new version for pise (there is a toggle for more spawns when installing)

User Info: BigJeffreyLane

5 years ago#3
wish ya didnt need MoMod for the extra spawns.
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  3. Extra monster spawns mods

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