SkyRE or Requiem?

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User Info: Alyzabeth1990

5 years ago#1
SkyRe or Requiem - Results (17 votes)
64.71% (11 votes)
35.29% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Which overhaul is better? I'm using SkyRe right now and it looks like both mods are incompatble with each other. Which mod is better?

User Info: Cyrlous

5 years ago#2
I've never used either one. Are they similar to OOO from Oblivion? That was a super deluxe overhaul as I recall.
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User Info: Nenina

5 years ago#3
Whichever one can share saves through updates, which isn't skyre. So no, skyre, kthxbai.

User Info: Alyzabeth1990

5 years ago#4
I guess they're both similar to OOO. They change the difficulty and game balance and stuff like that.

Here are the links:

I've tryed Requiem for an hour on a new character. Didn't really like it. SkyRe is better but some players would probably appreciate Requiem.

User Info: ArcticPlague

5 years ago#5
Requiem looked more interesting to me. I was close to picking up Requiem.

I think the board is more familiar with SkyRe though.

User Info: Alyzabeth1990

5 years ago#6
I would give Requiem more of a fair chance if I could have my SkyRe skill trees. :) There needs to be a compatibility patch. Requiem may end up being the better one down the road but I guess it's still new..

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