They only need one voice actor for this game...

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  3. They only need one voice actor for this game...

User Info: ANA_Angels_Rock

6 years ago#1

I'm going to do my laundry. Can I have some change?
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User Info: lVelothl

6 years ago#2

Crispin Freeman.
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User Info: i_am_a_banana5

6 years ago#3
No they need this guy

User Info: Emporer_Kazbar

6 years ago#4
Nah, Jeff Goldblum
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User Info: AddictedToXbox

6 years ago#5
Jeff Goldblum would be brilliant!
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User Info: TheCaveRat

6 years ago#6

Just get Steve Blum to do everyone.

User Info: Divine_Dragon10

6 years ago#7
<3 <3 <3 Steven Blum <3 <3 <3
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User Info: GeminiX7

6 years ago#8
Gilbert Godfrey should voice every role in this game, regardless of the character's race, age or gender.
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User Info: Hyper Honey

Hyper Honey
6 years ago#9
Gary Busey is all they need.
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User Info: ruarz

6 years ago#10

The need ...




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  3. They only need one voice actor for this game...

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