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User Info: k debonair

k debonair
6 years ago#11
I didn't mean to single out your particular use of facegen, but I have to disagree with you.

If the vast majority of the options lead to hideous faces, simply don't use them. But don't take them away just because you find them unnecessary. leave them there so that the people who can make proper use of them can use them to their fullest. Don't dumb down the game just to satisfy the incompetent people.
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003
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User Info: Slyster1181

6 years ago#12
I never had a problem creating nice faces in Oblivion.

If its true that there will not be a custom face tool then I am not to happy about that.

User Info: Faerillis

6 years ago#13

Yes "We're going to have premade shapes and then let you tinker with the sizes and positions" = "We're only going to have premades."

I mean ****ing casuals making game designers make esoteric parts of the game 3 people kind of enjoyed more guided while still having almost the exact same capabilities. I mean **** you should have to have an entire spreadsheet to make a semi-decent looking face that doesn't screw up the rest of the body's textures, I mean they don't make cars by taking the really long process and breaking it into simpler, more managable parts...

Oh crap.

User Info: goldenmouth

6 years ago#14
since when was character generation about looking in the mirror to put make-up on?

see this?

that's char gen.

User Info: mrolympia78

6 years ago#15
mods - for people who don't like the preset faces
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User Info: Xeno_Predator

6 years ago#16
This whole argument is stupid. Simply keep the facegen but also put in an option for cycling through presets. Everybody's happy.
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User Info: ThePoetSoldier

6 years ago#17
Xeno, from the sound of it, its pretty much the same but you have preset face parts which you can modify.

off the top of my head i think its done Dragon Age Origins, Mass effect games but i know its definitely done in Black Prophecy (i know cause im in the beta for it)

User Info: gladwyn101

6 years ago#18
Why can't they just make it like Fallout 3? They look like actual people and you can make a wide variety.
My main complaint in the character gen in Fallout 3 or New Vegas is the lack of bald for hair and handlebar mustache, so I can't make the Heineman.

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User Info: ThePoetSoldier

6 years ago#19
'the Heineman'

this should destroy skyrim let alone any enemies

User Info: Foxkoun25

6 years ago#20
'the Heineman'

Agreeable lol. Just out of curiosity though, how many people have hit random and gotten Michael Jackson's face?
Some restriction or guideline to faces would be great, otherwise ya end up staring confused at a feminine looking face when you're making a male character and vice versa.

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