Crash to desktop?

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User Info: BathroomBard

5 years ago#1
Before I say anything: I've read the topic about changing the sound, and I've done that. Also changed the compatibility, though, there was no service pack 2 option for Vista.

I'm running on an EVGA GTX570, on ultra, no lag, no frame skips. The card's temp is fine; the game runs smooth as butter except..

it will crash, seemingly at random. It happened first at the intro, but then I got through, played the game for about an hour, got into my first cave, and bam! Like clockwork it crashes to the desktop almost immediately.

This isn't the same driver error that people are getting with say, Deus Ex: HR, because I had the same error, however, it would cause the screen to black out, and the monitor to go into power saving mode before I would have to alt - tab and end the process.

Any ideas?

User Info: BathroomBard

5 years ago#2

It seems as though the cave is causing the crash. Managed to get out, and there hasn't been a crash yet. To test, I went back into the cave, and almost immediately, it crashed again. Interesting.

User Info: MrDinky

5 years ago#3
could be a number of things.

a cave could mean different lightning.

different textures...maybe one of your textures is corrupt?

different sound effects (dripping, echos?)

maybe its just an NPC in the cave.
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User Info: BathroomBard

5 years ago#4
It's sound I'm wondering about, actually.

I left, and went to a town (the name escapes me at this moment,) and inside the inn, the fireplace was buzzing instead of crackling. NPC dialogue would cut out and buzz as well. Aside from being unintentionally hilarious ("That [bzzzt] kid wants to contact the [bzzzting]ark brotherhood!") I think that could be a symptom of the problem. Going to adjust the sound devices and see what happens.

User Info: LordBleckZ

5 years ago#5

User Info: Tavi033

5 years ago#6
You know, I was playing quite awhile today without problems with normal speakers. Then I plugged some headphones into my computer to make it easier to hear NPC voices (computer fans were too loud and drowning out Skyrim), and since then I've a couple of these weird crashes. They happen at random times during the game.

The game simply closes, without warning. I'm guessing that's what is happening to you?

My sound settings were at 16 bit something, so I tried changing it to the recommended setting in that thread. I'll see if it makes a difference, though my speakers were set to the same setting as the headphones, so I'm doubtful that it will make a difference.

Let me know if you figure out what's causing this. I'll post back the my results having changed the sound settings.

User Info: Bufkus

5 years ago#7
I had a crash to desktop when I first started the game, another one during the intro, and then another one when I came to the bear in the tutorial dungeon.

My game hasn't crashed since then and I've been playing all day. I don't know what that says, but I think if you can get out of the beginning area you'll be good.

User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
5 years ago#8
What cave is causing the crashes? I can test it out also, unless I've already been through the cave. The only crashes I've had have been when alt-tabbing (which actually usually works surprisingly), but that's pretty understandable.

User Info: da7soul

5 years ago#9
I too have had a few instant crash to desktop. First time as I released an arrow at the bear in the intro/tutorial and then just like Kaos. As I enter the Bonechill passage (cave) and kill the wolf and then attempt to venture around the corner it will Crash. I have also been able to leave the cave and roam freely without and more crash's since.. I will try a few of the fix later and report back anything I can...

User Info: Pasky13

5 years ago#10
Happens rarely for me when just exploring the overworld. I mapped the Quick save and Quick load keys now and just press quick save constantly.

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