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User Info: BesomeGames

6 years ago#1
I haven't found any subtitles options in the launcher or the game. Are there subtitles?
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User Info: Polantaris

6 years ago#2
Settings -> Gameplay
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User Info: lcfeva

6 years ago#3
The option is in setting ingame
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User Info: OldDirtyCR

6 years ago#4
Honestly did you really even look at the settings? I can't imagine how you could possibly miss them. Subtitle settings are normally under Display or Audio and in this case under Display. It's not like you had to scroll way down or anything either >_>

User Info: Mwulf

6 years ago#5
I missed the option the first time I looked, too.

For those who don't get how that's possible, it's quite simple: the settings menu is very small relatively speaking, so it looks as though all of the options are displayed--you can't see the subtitle options without scrolling down.
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