Hircine's totems (spoilers)

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User Info: Mephisto852

5 years ago#1
So at the end(?) of the Companion's questline Aela has you go around getting totems of Hircine. There's three total... I was expecting something story-wise to happen once you get all of them but nothing seems to happen.

Also, you can "pray" to them. What does that do?

User Info: drsuess00

5 years ago#2
yea i got all the totems thinking that i would be more powerful in my werewolf form and have more of a reason to using it, i dont know what to do with the totems either imma continue questing though and see what happens

User Info: Amnhiris

5 years ago#3
Each totem has a different power you can use when transformed,just pray at one and your gonna switch.Totem of brother hood lets ya summon wolves,totem of the hunt lets you detect life and totem of fear is the basic howl of fear you initialy get when you first transform.
"Hiva! hear my call!transform my flesh into flame.Hiya! hear my cry!sustain my being in million-fold forms." ~Behemoth~
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  3. Hircine's totems (spoilers)

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