Carriage broken?

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User Info: Caeez

5 years ago#1
well been playing skyrim a lot since release, never tried carriage before, but now I wanna get to riften and I figured I'll use the carriage. After selecting destination I go to the back and hit use, my character goes on the back of the carriage... and nothing happens... why is this happening?

User Info: nileppezdel77

5 years ago#2
Curious as well. Not working for me either.

User Info: Caeez

5 years ago#3
Bump for someone to bless us with their knowledge!

User Info: nileppezdel77

5 years ago#4
Figured it out. I was over-encumbered. If you are holding more weight than you are supposed to be able to, the carriage won't leave.

User Info: Skeet1983

5 years ago#5
Carriage won't work for me either and I even tried tgm, which is god mode and also allows you to carry infinite weight... Thoughts?
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User Info: Gothann

5 years ago#6
For those using God Mode, the game must be re-checking your real weight limit versus what you're carrying.
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User Info: cjnoone

5 years ago#7
For those people, open the console, type in 'player.setav carryweight 9999', use the carriage, save the game and reload. Your carry weight will be back to normal, and you'll be in the new area.
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