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where do you "park" your horse?

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  3. where do you "park" your horse?

User Info: coolo_x

5 years ago#1
can you just leave your horse in any stables you find? and what if you lose a horse.. what happens? is there a way to retrack it back?
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User Info: storky20

5 years ago#2
I usually ride my horse till I reach my destination/something interesting then after I come out of a dungeon/town, I'll just fast travel somewhere.

The horse will be nearby when you fast travel.

User Info: pyth151

5 years ago#3
Play a nord, walk everywhere like a badas viking. Horse lolwut
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User Info: Joeytgolf

5 years ago#4
I don't use a horse. My first one died from a 5 foot fall, after that I explore on foot so I can easily kill stuff and explore the terrain/locations...

Horses, pffft.

Doesn't help that they look like draft horses instead of actual good looking ones.

User Info: Pirwzwhomper

5 years ago#5
The horse will follow you where you go if you fast travel.

Also, if you are over-encumbered you can still fast travel if you get onto your horse.
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  3. where do you "park" your horse?

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