PC Console Commands.

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User Info: zergslayer69

5 years ago#101
Bump to the top. Somehow I can't use advskill speech # it just doesn't recognize the command.

User Info: RuneX

5 years ago#102
anyone have the id for the best black smithing potion?
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User Info: Galahaut

5 years ago#103
39967 = Blacksmith's Elixir
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User Info: Dat_Dude_Yo

5 years ago#104
zergslayer69 posted...
Bump to the top. Somehow I can't use advskill speech # it just doesn't recognize the command.

It's speechcraft. Also archery is marksman.

User Info: RuneX

5 years ago#105
Galahaut posted...
39967 = Blacksmith's Elixir

Thank you kind sir
Silence is preserving a voice

User Info: Spacezilla

5 years ago#106
Spacezilla wrote: "Whenever I'm in a dungeon and carry too much, I spend a LOT of time trying to figure out what to drop and I really hate leaving stuff behind and so I end up coming back for it, even if it's just a pair of crappy boots."

Haha, I just had to drop this link, apparently I'm not alone. :)


User Info: Phase05

5 years ago#107

Cant be sure it was not mentioned as the last two pages wont show for me, but try:


"coc qasmoke"  it takes you to a dev area where every item is in chests along with all the tools you need to upgrade, enchant, make and forge them.


"note the enchanted armor and weapons cases can and will lagg or crash your game as there are thousands of items in each, use them two at your own risk"


enjoy :)

User Info: DragonFire04

5 years ago#108
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User Info: Hroux

5 years ago#109
I made a thread about console commands for general stats but thought I would ask it here too, Could someone tell me if there is command to reset some of the stats in the general page i.e. assaults, ingredients harvested etc?
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User Info: mehfew

5 years ago#110
PSN: mehfew

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