Recover skooma source Information quest bugged

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User Info: Miniced

6 years ago#1
For me, the quest "Recover skooma source Information" is bugged and impossible to complete. I wanted to know if others has experienced the same issue as me. Here's where to find the quest and by extension, the bug.

- Go to Riften.
- Find a female Argonian named Wojeeta.
- Ask her where she gets her skooma.
- Find Jarl Laila Law-Giver inside the Mistveil Keep (Riften's castle).
- Tell her about the skooma dealer.
- Go inside the Riften Warehouse, in the port.
- Kill Sarthis Idren.
- Grab the key on his body.
- Unlock the door in the basement.
- Interact with Sarthis's Satchel, exactly where the quest tell to go.
- The satchel contains golds, lockpicks and a paper titled "Shipment's Ready".
- None of those items update the quest, the map still points on Sarthis's Satchel.

This is very annoying as the Jarls are the ones selling you houses which I highly suspect this quest be required for Jarl Laila Law-Giver to offer me a house in Riften.

User Info: MoFo117

6 years ago#2
read the note...

User Info: Miniced

6 years ago#3
Well thanks, so that wasn't a bug after all.

How was I supposed to know I had to actually read it. I blame the skooma for lacking the common sense to do it.

User Info: nelnelnel

6 years ago#4
I think there might actually be a bug during the later portion of the quest...

The Jarl sends you to Cragslane Cavern to disrupt the Skooma operation, so I went there and cleared the place. However, there are no further quest updates or markers, and the Jarl speaks nothing of the subject when you return to her. I actually cleared the place of enemies before I got this quest so I'm not sure if that was a factor in this part of the quest possibly bugging out on me.

User Info: oobga

6 years ago#5
Same happened to me nelnelnel. I cleared the place out before doing the quest and it looks like it broke the quest. Hopefully fix comes one day so I can finish it and get it out of my quest log.

User Info: dncngspcmnky

6 years ago#6
had same issue with Disrupt the Skooma Operation as I had already cleared out the cave.

found answer here:;_ylt=Ajxyhoj6__ATApk1H5CywBDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111114002002AAlRPrI

"It seems this quest may become broken if you visited and cleared this cave before activating the quest or just for no reason. If you're playing on PC you may try skipping this stage by using console commands:

SetObjectiveCompleted FreeformRiften01 30 1
SetStage FreeformRiften01 40

First one to set current stage (disrupt skooma operation) to completed state, second one to set the next stage (report to jarl) to active state. To see all stages of this quest, use the following command:

sqo FreeformRiften01

No idea how to fix it on consoles or if this bug even appears on them. Or if it's even a bug, really. Could be that I'm missing something?"

hope this helps

User Info: ThePheonix

6 years ago#7
I had this problem on Xbox, but found a fix that worked (at least for me). When I went back to the cave, there was a guy outside that I didn't kill the first time around. After I took care of him, the quest progressed.
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User Info: poklin5634

6 years ago#8
anyone know if there is something after this? i didn't get another quest
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