How do you "wait" in Skyrim?

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  3. How do you "wait" in Skyrim?

User Info: Szeiden

6 years ago#1

I tried google but all I got was "I can wait for Skyrim!!" bs over and over. Wow. Was this game hyped or what? Can't even find the answer to a simple question on google =/ Hope someone can help me soon so I don't have to keep fast traveling back and forth to pass the time.


Yea, this game is awesome but seriously... "I can't wait! What games are you playing while you wait? what is the best way to pass the time while I wait for skyrim? 5 more days to wait until skyrim comes out! The wait: how do you cope? playing oblivion while I wait for Skyrim!!!1!!"

User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

6 years ago#2

Read the controls in the Esc. menu or physical instruction manual. :P
*waits until someone says something funny to quote*

User Info: Sima Yi

Sima Yi
6 years ago#3
Press T.
Lizard... am I standing in poop?

User Info: Dat_Dude_Yo

6 years ago#4
You dont have to wait it's already out. Just go to the store and buy it.

If you're asking how to wait though... try crossing your arms. Or put one hand in your pocket and use the other to smoke a cigarette.
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  3. How do you "wait" in Skyrim?

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