Best poison?

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User Info: Freakindaun

6 years ago#1
I like killing people by reverse pickpocketing poison in their pockets. What is the combination of ingredients that makes the strongest poison for this purpose?
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"All problems can be solved with a liberal application of lasers and/or explosives."

User Info: Freakindaun

6 years ago#2
THE ENDER OF TOPICS! GT: Sighteddeath52
"All problems can be solved with a liberal application of lasers and/or explosives."

User Info: Cyradis

6 years ago#3
Potions are very fluid in this game. You cant even make the best poisons until you have 100 alchemy, really. They improve with your alchemy level.

And chances are, by the time you get 100 alchemy, you will have a fair idea as to what ingredients do what ;)

If you dont want to level alchemy just buy poisons, they'll be better.

User Info: Dead3ye-

6 years ago#4


Note: My alchemy skill is only at 53, these poisons could still become much more potent.


This poison is created by using Imp Stool as a base, and adding Human Flesh, these two alone will create theParalysis and Damage Health effect. Any third reagent which contains Lingering Damage Health can be added, such as Slaughterfish Eggs. This poison has proven incredibly effective when used from a bow, even if you don't kill a target outright, the paralysis effect will prevent them from raising the alarm, talking, or responding in any way. If you cannot kill a target with a sneak attack alone, this will finish off the job once the 10 seconds have elapsed they will have taken 143 poison damage in total. An arrow to the back of a guard using this poison will kill them outright before they have a chance to move a muscle.



This is my second favorite poison, it can be created by using Deathbell as a potion base, and combining it with River betty for the Damage Health and Slow effects, and simply adding a third ingredient for Weakness to Poison, such as Chaurus Eggs. This poison is more suitable in situations where complete silence is not needed. The poison deals considerible damage instantly, and is effective with a bow as it takes them much longer to get to me. The weakness to poison will give the opportunity to use the first paralysis poison if they are tougher than anticipated, stopping them in their tracks and doing consideribly more damage due to the poison weakness.

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