how do i get a reading from olava?

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  3. how do i get a reading from olava?

User Info: ToaDY555

6 years ago#1

hey. i completed the dark brotherhood quest "breaching security" where i killed Gaius Maro. i did it in a city so i got the bonus of getting a reading from olava the feeble. i went to her house but she just tells me to get out. how do i get a reading from her?

User Info: whitelycanCS

6 years ago#2

I waited 1 hour 48 times outside this old b!tch's house. Locked every single time. Picked the lock and went in at noon, she told me to get out. Wtf? Anyone else successfully gotten a reading from Olava?

User Info: viperesque

6 years ago#3
She was outside when I found her. o_o
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User Info: arega33

6 years ago#4
where is she? i cant find her

User Info: Schnitter69

6 years ago#5
she comes out at 5 pm for me but she says she doesn't feel like giving me a reading right now, i want my fortune! D'x

User Info: MusashiExtra

6 years ago#6
Mark your spoilers. Wait until noon and then actually wait in real time.
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User Info: SmtCrim5

6 years ago#7
Does your progress within the Brotherhood effect whether or not she will come out at all? Because I finished up the main quests and I have the token, but she will not come out....
I have been waiting for sooooo long.
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  3. how do i get a reading from olava?

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