How to level conjuration?

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User Info: xXMaxie360Xx

5 years ago#1
Summoning things when out of combat seems to do nothing, and I tend to raise my dead/summon before the fight starts. Could anyone explain to me exactly how it (and perhaps alteration and other magic skills that aren't attacks) works? Thanks.
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User Info: AmephEstMako

5 years ago#2
Visit a trainer?
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User Info: Zenarkenstin

5 years ago#3
I find it to level up as your summoned being does damage. It also levels up pretty slowly, seeing as you only need to cast a conjuration spell once or twice in a fight unlike spamming destruction spells

User Info: KaitaNuva

5 years ago#4
Summon atronachs and zombies whenever you can. Visit trainers if you have to.
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User Info: Sephard

5 years ago#5
Cast Soul Trap on every living and dead thing you see
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User Info: ocirne23

5 years ago#6
Conjuration only levels up if there is a red dot on the radar.

User Info: defster

5 years ago#7
Conjuration levels if you have a summon out while there are enemies nearby, even if you summoned before the encounter.

User Info: purrfectwerecat

5 years ago#8
Sephard posted...
Cast Soul Trap on every living and dead thing you see

oh my ceiling cat, this. course my bound weapons are always trying to soul trap, but still.
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User Info: Undrhil

5 years ago#9
If you summon something outside of combat, you get a little bit of experience when combat starts.
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

5 years ago#10
If you attack your summoned creature, you will gain XP for it attacking you back.
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