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User Info: style7777

5 years ago#1
I can't get my companions to wear the armor i give them. Any advice?
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User Info: Redcount

5 years ago#2
They'll only wear armour if it's stronger than their default armour and of the same class as they're programmed for (light or heavy).
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User Info: MizuUma

5 years ago#3
I remember in Fallout 3 you can ask ur companion.... but I don't know if how it works in Skyrim yet. :(
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User Info: schesak

5 years ago#4
Redcount posted...
They'll only wear armour if it's stronger than their default armour and of the same class as they're programmed for (light or heavy).

I don't think this is correct. I gave Lydia a set of Elven armor (light) when I first got her, and she put it on. Later on when I upgraded my character to Ebony I gave her the full suit of enchanted Orcish armor (heavy) I had and she put that on in place of the Elven.

Perhaps some companions are picky about light or heavy, but definitely not all of them. Honestly I think none of them. What I think is that it is purely a decison regarding what is the strongest armor (has highest numerical value). Skill levels effect the numerical armor value of armor, so that's is where their programmed status can impact the decision. They aren't looking at which armor has the highest base value, but which has the highest value for them.

I'm just guessing, of course, but from my experience I think that is how it is deciding whether or not to equip something.

User Info: Waytoodeep03

5 years ago#5
I gave lydia some glass armor and she didnt wear it does it need to be the full set?

User Info: Lunar4

5 years ago#6
I gave her a set of wolf armor... she didnt put it on. SO i said whatever and forgot about it. Later on I found her at my house and gave her a hood to wear. suddenly she equiped the full suit of wolf armor + hood? try giving them a head item it might work

User Info: Bokey407

5 years ago#7
i gave my companion a heavy helm which he immediately equipped. i then gave him some gloves that were amazing plus had a 2hander enchant but he wont put them on and there obviously better than what he has. cant figure out if its cause the enchant or if certain companions just wont wear certain things.
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