Azura's Star (spoilers obviously)

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User Info: JortC

5 years ago#1
I just obtained Azura's Star and am at the point where I need to decide whether to bring it to the Azura altar or to the other guy, the difference being that one works as an infinite grand soul gem, and the other one would be an infinite black soul gem.
I have never enchanted any weapons in Oblivion, and just got started with enchanting in Skyrim since the magic system seems a lot more fun this time around. A black soul gem allows you to trap souls from people (NPC's) right?
So can the black soul gem still trap creature/enemy souls just like the grand soul gem, with the added possibility of trapping NPC souls, or are you unable to use it like a regular grand soul gem from that point on?

Also, when you get transported inside Azura's Star, I pretty much immediately get slain by the 2 mages in the beginning, even though I'm at around level 28 at the moment.
Am I doing something horribly wrong, or is it really a quest you can only complete at a much higher level?

User Info: Jusscurio

5 years ago#2
I believe you can only capture NPC souls if you make it a black azuras star. Not 100% sure though but thats how black soul stones work, they only capture black souls from NPCs. I went with the normal Azuras star for that quest because its much more common to kill beasts than NPCs. If I ever need a grand soul I just fast travel to a giants camp and kill a mammoth with a soul stealing weapon. Guaranteed grand soul every time its great. Can't help you with the dying part though sorry.

User Info: Icewitch

5 years ago#3
The Black Star can ONLY trap humanoid NPCs, not monsters, but every humanoid soul is basically = Grand soul.

Azura's Star can ONLY trap monsters/animals, no humans, and monsters range from Petty to Grand souls
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User Info: Zantrax

5 years ago#4
The black star can only take in black souls which are always grand. The regular star can only capture all of the other souls, which vary from petty to grand. IMO the black star is better because you can still find the regular soul gems from dungeons and shops quite frequently, and bandits are easy to find and kill to charge the black star anyways.

As for the battle, it is pretty tough. I was at a much lower level than 28 but I just drank a resist fire damage potion and charged the main guy. He goes down fairly easily, although I did miss out on the hearts.

User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#5
Black Soul gems are only for black (human) souls, but are always grand

Normal Soul gems are for animal/monster (white) souls
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User Info: Enhancer_

5 years ago#6
Easier to find and reload the Star going with Black Souls than it is to find Grand souls if you're not that great at destroying Mammoths.

User Info: Icewitch

5 years ago#7
Also, this might influence your decision or not, but if you go with Azura's Star, the Dark Elf sorceress at the shrine (Aranea something) will be a follower. If you choose Black Star, she will not
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User Info: Matrazeto

5 years ago#8
on the topic of black azura star, anyone have a idea why my black star will sometimes be holding a petty soul?

User Info: derrate

5 years ago#9
Stop killing kids.

User Info: DrSickDuck

5 years ago#10

From: Matrazeto | #008
on the topic of black azura star, anyone have a idea why my black star will sometimes be holding a petty soul?

A bug of some sort. Black (NPC) souls are ALWAYS grand souls, at least they're supposed to be. I chose the black star and haven't experienced what you're talking about.
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