Thief/Mage build?

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User Info: ScarletGameGrrl

5 years ago#1
Created a dark elf and wanted to be a thief/mage hybrid. I want to be able to do big damage from a distance with bows and solid magic/melee damage up close. What's a good build for this?
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User Info: blitz1008

5 years ago#2
I've been using a lot of conjuration for extra damage + meat shield.

Conjure bow is nice for a thief/mage because the damage is pretty strong (plus you get infinite arrows)

Other than that, just what you'd expect, Enchantment, Smithing, Sneak

User Info: quicksilver117

5 years ago#3
haven't went far with my Assassin/Mage build yet. So far I'm just dual casting and destroying groups of enemies to cinders while on the other hand backstabbing everyone to death.
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User Info: ScarletGameGrrl

5 years ago#4
What are, in theory, the best races to play as for this sort of build? I have 1 pure melee sword and board warrior type, he takes a beating so long as it's not magick.
PSN - ScarletGamerGrl

User Info: Destin

5 years ago#5
race makes 0.000001% difference.
Destin the Valiant

User Info: nocturnalg

5 years ago#6
Breton(25% passive Magic Resistance) or Orc(2x damage & 1/2 taken for 1 minute) are the two best races for all classes. If you are not roleplaying or picking for looks you should go with one of those

Take your pick of which one.

User Info: Enyulan

5 years ago#7
Best race for me is Imperial.

When I get mobbed by too many NPC's, I use the racial voice spell to calm them all in an AoE. Then I sneak and backstab them to death in one hit.

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