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User Info: KraidozHinako

5 years ago#1
I heard about the auto-saves being broken in this game (of which i'm a victim to the bug) so I turned them off.

Now I have searched for an answer but couldn't find one...

Are quick-saves just as buggy as auto-saves? ...or should I stick only to the manual save?

Thanks in advance.
PSN: Kraidoz
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User Info: elessarGObonzo

5 years ago#2

have had no trouble at all with saves. set my Auto-Save function to every 10 minutes and it works good. without Quick-Saves I would've thrown my mouse through the window by now.

havent seen anything bout problems with it. what r u experiencing?

User Info: cidiuscreid

5 years ago#3
Ever since Fallout 3 I've always turned off Auto-Save and almost exclusively use Quick Saves on my main character (still use manual saves on, what I assume at the time, to be an integral choice) and have had no issues so far.
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User Info: reinhartmenken

5 years ago#4
Both saves work just as well. I left my auto-save on default, and that means it auto saves everytime you change an area, which is pretty good if you change area/fast travel often. I tend to rely on quick save when traveling manually.

Like as said, both saves work fine, not buggy.

User Info: panzar dragoon

panzar dragoon
5 years ago#5
Yep, no issues with me. I auto-save whenever I travel, rest, or change areas, and auto-save whenever I feel the need.
XBOX Live GT: BlackMortyFlint

User Info: KraidozHinako

5 years ago#6
Well, my last save file got screwed over because I relied on auto saves.

*** contains slight spoilers ***
This is my thread about my issue:
PSN: Kraidoz
I came to laugh at you! Is that what you were expecting me to say?" -Char Aznable

User Info: Viper114

5 years ago#7
Saving of all kind is working fine, I just hate how the game chooses to not auto-save at times so I have to go back a lot after something happens. Auto-save needs to happen a bit more often.
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User Info: Mirm83

5 years ago#8
Just ran into a problem.

My auto saves recently stopped removing themselves from the load list after a period of time. Now there is just one slot available for a quicksave instead of the few I've been used to. When it got down to 1 slot, it would periodically decide to not replace the old quicksave with the new, in a particularly difficult area. I ended up having to play the area over many times, and still haven''t finished it.

Trying to figure out how to delete old saves.

User Info: Radar

5 years ago#9
^^ on Win7 "Documents/Games/Skyrim/Saves"

Auto-saves can be buggy for people, because of when it happens, but with quick-saves, just make sure that nothing is 'happening' like combat or people talking to you.
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