Heres how to get the Riften House

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User Info: xR4zorwirex

5 years ago#1
A lot of people seem to be having trouble getting this, and the people who are responding don't seem to have actually completed the quest and are just reading the strategy guide which is very vague on what you have to do.

This is probably my only complaint about this game, Bethesda put a ton of detail everywhere in the game except explaining how to get certain things. There is virtually no explanation in-game to tell you how to get the house.


Get out of the Castle, Leave Riften altogether

See? Its very misleading when everyone is telling you you have to "do the Jarls quests", SHE DOESNT GIVE IT TO YOU.
You have to go into the Fishery outside Riften and speak to an Argonain who is sick and give her a potion.
Now talk to the argonian again and pry her for information.

Now you go talk to the Jarl, complete her little quest, talk to her again and complete the next quest.

At this point you just have to do random mini quests helping people out in Riften, like 5 or so.

After this talk to the Jarl again and she'll mention how awesome you are.

BUT i've heard theres a glitch where if you upgrade the house she wont make you Thane, so what you do is:
1. BUY the house
2. DONT upgrade it yet
3. TALK to the Jarl to be made Thane
4. NOW upgrade your house

It actually doesnt take that long, like a half hour to an hour, depending on what "townsfolk quests" you do, for example, the argonian in the bar needs 3 flawless amethysts, thats it, one down. Almost all the quests are like that, very quick simple fetch quests which take like 5 minutes apiece.

User Info: rollingrandy

5 years ago#2
I actually found the argonian woman in Riften, she isn't only by the fishery.
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User Info: Complacentuna

5 years ago#3
Oh my god, thank you SO much, dude. Seriously, it's ridiculous how much I had to Google this and you're the only one with real info. I was really worried I had screwed myself. I will try this and report back if I run into any problems.

Just a question, everyone keeps mentioning doing a certain quest in the main storyline involving, well... To avoid spoilers, a certain political change in Riften, I guess? It isn't actually necessary to make it to that point, though, is it? I'm trying to hold off on the main storyline at the moment.

User Info: mrNickname

5 years ago#4
I don't remember how i got my Riften house. But i thought i purchased the house and together with all the furnish and talk to Jarl. I still get a housecarl so i guess i'm all good?
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User Info: xR4zorwirex

5 years ago#5
You can do it before the political switch, I did.
Apparently if you go Empire and make Black-Briar Jarl you might not have to do the skooma quests because she already likes you, but you dont HAVE to wait until then.

User Info: garfee

5 years ago#6
how or what mini quests do u do - i feel like i have done loads but still no option for house off the jarl

Can they be just favors or do they have to be misc side quests?

User Info: BizzyBum

5 years ago#7
Damn, I upgraded my house before I talked to the Jarl again and there's no dialogue option to make me Thane.

What's funny was I said to myself, "you know, I wonder if upgrading first would glitch this." but I did it anyway because I didn't actually think it would glitch it! LOL!!
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User Info: bighairycamel

5 years ago#8
I needed this info too. I completed the skooma quest and she mentioned I would be made thane if I completed this task, but when I got back she said "thanks" but nothing else. Now I know what I need to do.
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