Found out how to change Wife's gear, instructions

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User Info: Paradox52525

5 years ago#1
Posting this information here because it was originally posted in the Xbox boards. (

I married Sylgja from the mining town, and have been trying for a few days to figure out how to give her something different from her ugly mining clothes. She is not a follower, so I cannot change her inventory, and for the record reverse pickpocketing *does not work* (non-follower NPCs, or at least Sylgja, will not equip items placed in their inventory, and additionally they periodically will regenerate their original gear and re-equip that instead)!

In order to change the equipment on a spouse like this, you need to use the console "equipitem" and "removeitem" commands with appropriate item ids to change their inventories. Importantly, when using "equipitem" and "removeitem" you have to include an additional parameter, "1" at the end, or the change will not be permanent (thanks to a user named mcatanio for this information!).

The full list of steps to do this:
1. Find the item ids of all of the visible gear your spouse has that you do not wish them to use. You can use the "help" console command to do this. As an example, to get the id of Sylgja's mining clothes, I used the command:

help "Mining Clothes" 4

There are two different mining clothes in the game, with ids 0006FF43, and 00080697, so I had to try both. The later ended up being correct.

2. Remove any items you don't want them to have permanently with the "removeitem" command and "1" parameter. My command to get rid of Sylgja's mining clothes was:

remoteitem 00080697 1

The items will not visibly disappear until after you close the console. Do not skip this step. If you remove their original items by other means (like pickpocketing, or the "removeallitems" command) their original gear will magically come back and they will re-equip it after some time has passed.

3. Get the item ids of the items you want to give them. You can either consult an item id list, or use the "help" command like you did in step 2.

4. Use the "equipitem" command with "1" parameter to permanently give them the new equipment. In my case I used:

equipitem 000261C0 1
equipitem 000877C9 1
equipitem 000877F1 1

To give her a blue dress, diamond ring, and diamond necklace. The items will be automatically equipped and show up when you close the console and the equipment changes will be permanent.

User Info: Katarok

5 years ago#2

User Info: Lip_58

5 years ago#3
Awesome. Now I can make my wife wear Fostworn armor.
"For aeons have I lived and I have lost more than man can remember."

User Info: Paradox52525

5 years ago#4
Forgot to mention one important detail - you need to "target" your spouse while the console was open in order to ensure that these commands target the correct npc! To do this, simply open the console, and then click on your spouse's head with your mouse. When you do this, the NPC's id number will show in white text in the center of your screen. Make sure you have your spouse 'targetted" before using any of the commands above.

User Info: Raddra

5 years ago#5

Any idea what Shahvee's clothes are?

User Info: DarkKirby2500

5 years ago#6
bump for future reference.
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User Info: thefatman999

5 years ago#7
Raddra posted...

Any idea what Shahvee's clothes are?

There are 2 easy ways I know of to find the clothes, either pickpocket if you have the perks (not to take the item, just to see them) or save, kill them, write down the items, then load your previous save. If they are essential, you might have to do help <name> 4 to find their npc base id, then type setessential baseid 0 to remove their essential tag, then kill and look at the gear (make sure you do this after the save so they are back essential when you reload it).

User Info: TheLostOne

5 years ago#8

"OMG, why are you doing this?!" *sob*

"Sorry, love. Your outfit is terrible. Don't worry, you won't remember this in the morning."
If you lose your job, your marriage and your mind all in one week, try to lose your mind first, because then the other stuff won't matter that much.

User Info: HyperlordBender

5 years ago#9
Why would you want to dress your wife after forcibly stripping her?

User Info: ProtomanXRacer

5 years ago#10
Awesome Paradox, do you have a screenshot of her, I would love to see what she looks like now.
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