Labyrinth *cleared*?

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User Info: Kebladeking

5 years ago#1
How do I *clear* that dungeon. So far I had no problem, but this place stays uncleared even though I finished mage quest, got shout and killed boss. Is there any secret room I missed maybe?

User Info: __Curley__

5 years ago#2
Im guessing it might have to do with opening the boss chest, or maybe opening up the shortcut out.

User Info: shadeaux

5 years ago#3
There are additional ruins to explore outside of the one you enter for the mage guild quest. One is a maze that nets you a dragon shout, another is the room where you would go to put all the dragon priest masks you found on altars.
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User Info: Kebladeking

5 years ago#4
I did clear extra maze with shout, but I couldnt find the mask room. It must be what I miss. How do i access that room? I only have mask from boss and mask found just outside of labyrinth.

User Info: Kebladeking

5 years ago#5

User Info: 3rdtimearound

5 years ago#6
There's a mound outside between the entrances to the maze and the dungeon, kinda looks like a barrow's entrance. Inside, you will find a skeleton leaning against a wall with some face carvings, the skeleton has an orcish dagger plunged into its chest. That's where you get the wooden mask - and since you said you got 2 masks in that area I'm assuming one of them was the wooden mask. If you want the details on the masks, just google "Skyrim wooden mask" and you'll find your way to the wiki entry, which probably contains minor spoilers.

If you do have all of this stuff done, I don't know what to tell you about why it's not showing as "cleared". I'll have to check when I'm in-game again to see if mine says it or not.

User Info: Kebladeking

5 years ago#7
Just checked out mask room and cleared still didnt appear. How many floors does Shalidor's maze have? I have cleared the one with 4 staffs and dremor fight. I checked map and there is one more entrance to it through south-east of the map but I have no clue how to get there.

User Info: Flip Aces

Flip Aces
5 years ago#8
Labyrinth was marked cleared for me when i explored Lost Valkygg, north of the labyrinth entrance, before even entering the Layrinth.
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User Info: moronicron

5 years ago#9
Its marked clear for me but I also finished the dragon mask room.
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User Info: Kebladeking

5 years ago#10
Gonna try Lost Valkygg if that fails Ill gonna go hunting for masks.

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