I lost Lydia...

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User Info: Mechangmenow

5 years ago#1
Somewhere along the road she got downed, and then I blew her away with a Shout on accident.

At first I thought she just returned home. But she wasn't at my house so I checked Dragonreach.... not there either.

Nobody can replace you Lydia =*(
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User Info: Nicolas_Rage

5 years ago#2
You know, except one of the other Housecarls, from any of the other strongholds.

User Info: anime295

5 years ago#3
Oh Lydia....

User Info: vivalakyle

5 years ago#4
I'm imagining her falling out of the sky onto some unwary citizen of Whiterun now.

User Info: Yariel

5 years ago#5
NPC and companion CAN DIED ...
1. if you accidentally giving them finishing attack that downed them ...
2. if the enemy makes "killing animation" ...
3. they get died because fall down from extreme high ...

usually if their HP reach "safety percentage" they will kneel down and won't attack anymore ...
however at this time no one will attack them either ...

exception of this rule ... if there's a damage so great that exceed their "safety percentage" ...
your attack won't get limited by "safety percentage" so be careful in aiming your attack ...
"killing animation" will kill anyone regardless how much HP they have ...
you can perform "killing animation" however follower, NPC AND ENEMY ALSO ABLE TO DO THIS TOO !!!

Example :
giant swing someone up to sky, and dragon bite the target to death ...
common humanoid shape is more simple but have a lot of it ...
what I had found ...
1. stab from front
2. stab from back
3. behead from front
(don't ask me how to execute this, I'm accidentally executing it while trying power attack ...) if you know a surefire to execute it, please inform me ...
be warned that you will also get instant death if "killing animation" being executed to you ...

User Info: Bastian772

5 years ago#6
I bound Lydia to Boethiah's pillar of sacrifice and stabbed the b**** myself. Felt SO good.
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User Info: Mechangmenow

5 years ago#7
Nicolas_Rage posted...
You know, except one of the other Housecarls, from any of the other strongholds.

Yeah, except they will never be Lydia. I will forever miss her passive-aggressive sarcasm.

HOWEVER! I have searched the Internets and have found this console command: ""player.placeatme a2c8e 1"

Supposedly this spawns a Lydia... =D. I need to avoid using console commands... they break the immersion of the game. Still, there's no hurt in using noclip and godmode so i can Hurricane dash myself to the front of a dungeon that i've ravaged, right? =((((((
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Youtube: Mechangmenows

User Info: ScarletGameGrrl

5 years ago#8
I infiltrated the dwarven museum and she stopped following me and I can't open the normal command. She simply tells me "you shouldn't be here!" and refuses to do anything. I can still issue manual commands but that is limited to the immediate area and she refuses to open any doors or witch zones. I just made her a full set of heavy dragon plate too =(
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User Info: bugjuiceman

5 years ago#9
I think I told Lydia to wait somewhere and I forgot where I left her.

Wair for me, Lydia, I'll be there soon :(

User Info: supercdjones

5 years ago#10
You could always use the command console to bring them back.

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