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change my characters weight?

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  3. change my characters weight?

User Info: AllGodsDie

6 years ago#1
My character is looking super emo thin in his darkbrother hood outfit, I guess I didn't make him roidy enough at creation. Is there a way to change this in the console command? Is it safe to due so? I've heard of character creation changes in the console causing issues in game.

User Info: Coltonh65

6 years ago#2
You lose your racial passive (not your power) if you edit your character via console.

Other than that, it's completely safe as long as you don't change their race or sex. If you change your race or sex, then your skills get screwed up.

If you're alright with losing your racial passive, type in 'showracemenu' without the apostrophes, edit your weight, rename your character and you're done.

Of course, save before you do this, just in case.

Edit: I'm pretty sure you can re-add your racial passive via console anyway, if you're willing to do so.

User Info: belgare

6 years ago#3
You get your racial passives back when you save, exit to main menu, then reload the game.
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  3. change my characters weight?

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