ID Numbers?

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User Info: Matt6sic6

6 years ago#1
Have they released any ID numbers other than Gold and Lockpicks? I'd like to find some codes for ingots and stuff.
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User Info: Snoopydance

6 years ago#2
They? Every item in the game can be identified by typing in help "item name" 4, where you replace item name with the name of the item

User Info: MancombSeepgood

6 years ago#3

Just type in any item you need for the ID.


User Info: Shah138

6 years ago#4 | |

User Info: JokerxDragon

6 years ago#5
You can get a list of ID's for everything in your inventory by typing showinventory.
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User Info: Otakun

6 years ago#6
I am deeply in love with the help command.

Already helped me out of a number of bugged quests and otherwise unfixable situations. Possibly the best new feature in Skyrim. :3

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